Triad Tipples: Local Stouts to Brave the Cold

“Tipples” rhymes with “nipples.” And your nipples could be nary frozen thanks to these stouts.

Four Saints BBA Impending Grace

Quite possibly the world’s most beautiful beer.

Four Saints Brewing in Asheboro has a wonderful cozy feeling that I first experienced around Epiphany last year (Jan. 6) during a Christmas sing-a-long. This beer matched perfectly. Of course, I’d go for the bourbon barrel aged version any day, but you can also get it regular. I’ve seen both versions canned lately, which hopefully means a taste for these heavy beers is catching on.

True to Style: 5/5
Wow Factor: 5/5

Wise Man Satisfy My Soul (Nitro)

WisemanSpeaking of anniversaries, it’s been nearly a year since Wise Man Brewing opened in Winston-Salem. I remember this being one of the first beers of theirs I ever tried, and it was love at first sip. I tried the regular tap and then the one on nitro, of which I was skeptical. (What beer hipster decided that nitrogen was a good idea?) But the two didn’t even compare. Last I checked, Wise Man is making more Satisfy My Soul, and I hope to holy heavens they put it on nitro again.

True to Style: 5/5
Wow Factor: 5/5

Hoots Morning Stout

“Morning” equals “coffee,” and since I don’t drink caffeine, it’s ironic that one of my favorite Triad stouts is heavy on the beans. I first had this at Beer Geeks (RIP) and proceeded to go straight to the source to get a crowler of it. What was I thinking trying to drink it not just at night, but a whole 32 ounces of it? I failed, and it was a sad day for beer everywhere as I poured the last few ounces down the drain the next day. Fortunately, it’s been popping up on tap in various places, so check your local beer/growler shop, and heed my cautionary tale.

True to Style: 5/5
Wow Factor: 5/5

Preyer Vladibeer Russian Imperial Stout

Gettin’ rimmy with it.

The awesomely named Vladibeer is back. Have a pint of this at the big round table near the back of the brewery and salute your comrades in the name of good beer. P.S.: I want this with the marshmallow fluff and Oreo rim that I got on the St. Peter’s Gourd Russian imperial pumpkin stout for my birthday.

True to Style: 4/5
Wow Factor: 4/5

Joymongers Milk Stout

That’s Mister Toter to you.

Joymongers recently released BBA Toter Claus Russian imperial stout in bottles, which may hint at the barrel aged delicacies they’ll soon be producing thanks to new barreling space in Winston-Salem. It packs a punch, but I still love the milk stout straight from the tap. It’s not watery like Duck Rabbit (yeah, I said it). It’s got the great body and smooth — even nutty — flavor that a solid milk stout should have.

True to Style: 5/5
Wow Factor: 5/5



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