New Favorite: Sierra Nevada


Back in the day when I didn’t like anything close to IPAs, my husband was buying Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on the regular. Every once in a while, I’d try a sip of his—mouth-puckering and gross—but over time, I came to like it.

Since then, I’ve tried a whole bunch of Sierra Nevada’s other offerings, usually because my husband would see something new and buy it, but who’s gonna turn down free beer?

Fresh Hop Variety Pack

Who else has caved for the Fresh Hop variety pack?

  • Celebration — I don’t know why, but this is my favorite in the pack, maybe because I like the label. I look at the red and the holly and my insides scream, “CHRISTMAS!” But it’s also delicious.
  • Fresh Hop IPA — Also a good one. Been a while since I’ve had it, but I remember thinking I wish it were in my regular rotation. Six packs FTW!
  • Fresh Hop Session IPA — Definitely lighter tasting because it’s lower ABV, but it’s decent. I’d have it again on a school night for sure.
  • Fresh Hop Double IPA — Not a big fan. I’m picky about my double IPAs. Triple C Babymaker is probably my favorite right now, but Foothills Seeing Double is excellent, too. The Fresh Hop Double is just meh.

Hop Bullet Double IPA

It’s okay. Again, not my favorite double. Too hoppy or something, if there ever were such a thing. Also, it tastes too dirty to me.

Hazy Little Thing IPA

I picked up a can of the Hazy Little Thing from Trader Joe’s, Sierra Nevada’s version of a New England IPA, which is now an official style of IPA. It’s classically citrusy and unfiltered. Definitely not the best New England IPA I’ve had before, but it was good. Would buy again.

Torpedo Extra IPA

To that friend I was talking to about how breweries aren’t trying to out-hop each other: I was wrong. And I’m totally on the bandwagon.

Otra Vez Gose


Barleywine Style Ale

Note the word “style.” This is not a true barleywine. But it’s got the flavor going on, and it’s high gravity as shit. Considering I don’t have easy grocery access to good, affordable barleywine (my favorites are Pig Pounder and the Bruery), I’d buy this again.

There are plenty of others I haven’t tried: coffee stout, porter, Boomerang IPA (all three were in the Snowpack variety pack), Ruthless rye, Beer Camp IPA. It’s been too long since I’ve had the Snow Wit white IPA, Nooner session IPA, and the Blindfold black IPA that I can’t confidently say I liked them, but I’ll try them again.

And can I just say that black IPAs are my jam? It’s malty and hoppy, like a porter and an IPA had a baby. If you want a good local one, Wise Man’s Bitter Like Winter is da bomb.


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